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A single comprehensive solution for web content management... usability, content management, evaluation, compliance.
complete web page content management
webZerve - Web Page Management System
webZerve™ is a web content management system that provides content management and tracks individual pages for critical factors such as content and content owner, last update, next page review and expected retirement date.

The webZerveaudit module uses its database to generate random samples for the audit, to track results by page, and to generate audit reports after the review phase is complete

webZerve™ can help you identify weaknesses and measure improvment in site
page quality. As web site content and the accompanying subject matter experts change over time, webZerve™ assists webmasters in managing new information presentation as well as outdated information removal. A record is maintained over time of pages that constituted the site, useful if the site or agency is ever audited.

webZerve™ web site content management system
reports are available at any time, distributable via email, and serve as a permanent record for later evaluation. They provide valuable feedback to content managers and developers.
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